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How To Choose The Right Skate Tool

How To Choose The Right Skate Tool

How to Choose the Right Tool for Maintaining Your Skates

There are many different options when it comes to skate tools, and they do not all perform the same function. Here are some of the most popular skate tools we carry and their many uses:

Universal Skate Wrench: this skate tool features a 15/16" open end wrench for adjustable toe stops, a 1/2" socket for wheel axle nuts and a 9/16" open end wrench for standard kingpins. This tool is perfect for beginner skaters as it will adjust your 3 main skate parts: toe stops, wheels, axle nuts, and your skate kingpins.

Roller Skate Nation Elephant Wrench: this tool is designed to work on Sure-Grip plates that feature the 11/16 truck locking nut.It features a ½” socket for wheel adjustments, a 9/16” socket for kingpin adjustments and a flathead screwdriver for adding or removing fixed (bolt-on) toe stops.

Powerdyne Y3 Skate Tool: the Y3 tool is a 3-in-1 tool perfect for intermediate skaters, featuring a non-slip grip and ergonomic design. This tool will help adjust your kingpins with a 9/16” socket, your wheels axle nuts with a ½” socket and your adjustable toe stops with a 15/16” open-end wrench.

Powerdyne Y4 Skate Tool: the Y4 tool is a handy and convenient tool for pro-level and intermediate skaters. This compact 4-in-1 tool will be able to take on most skate jobs and is one of our most popular skate tool options. This tool is capable of taking on your wheel axles nuts with a ½” socket, your standard kingpins with a 9/16” socket, and has a 5mm Allen wrench for plates that feature a toe stop lock screw, and even your micro-adjustable kingpins with a 11/16” socket. This tool comes with a rubber grip for easy handling.

Sure-Grip Bearing Press/Puller: this tool can be mounted to your table or counter and can even fit into your skate bag for a fast and easy bearing insertion and removal on the go. The bearing press/puller can fit 8mm or 7mm bearings and makes changing out your bearings a fast-and-easy process. Perfect for those needing to change their bearings quickly and conveniently.

Bones Bearing Press/Puller: changing out your bearings has never been easier with this compact tool. With this tool you can press and remove your bearings in a fast and efficient way without damaging your bearings. Designed to fit only 8mm bearings this compact tool can fit into any skate bag or even slide into your pocket!

Qube Bearing Press/Puller: this handy bearing tool is great for pro-level and intermediate skaters wanting a fast and effortless way to press in and remove their skate bearings. This tool makes bearing removal and insertion a breeze. It will fit both 7mm and 8mm bearings. It is a bench mount style and designed/built in the USA. It also features a replaceable bearing puller tip.