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Incredible Halloween Costumes with Roller Skates

Incredible Halloween Costumes with Roller Skates

Looking for Halloween costume ideas with roller skates? Here are some of our top picks to serve as inspiration! 

If these creative skaters have taught us anything, its that ANY costume is made better with the addition of skates!



Who fed this sweet Mogwai after Midnight? It's no surprise this little Gremlin @daphneskates wreaked havoc on Halloween, and looked fabulous while doing it. Mogwai's ensemble is made extra GLAMOROUS with a long red gown and roller skates that make this gremlin goddess appear to dance on air.



Make way for Sally cruising through Halloween Town to see her beloved Jack Skellington! We think @kelly.stephanie looks absolutely stunning in hand-crocheted Sally roller skating costume, along with their trusted pal Zero.



Now this is a super unique throwback costume that simply can't be done without skates! You know you're a true fan of Malcom in the Middle AND roller skating when you can relate to this scene. The classic ballad of We Are the Champions by Queen brings together the infamous TV moment that @tiiinkkkkk recreates flawlessly on video! Watch the full routine on Instagram and we are sure you will give @tiiinkkkkk a perfect 10.


As Hulk Hogan always said, "whatcha gonna do when HULKMANIA runs wild (or is it skates wild?) on you?!" Take inspiration from @jellykish_whatareyoudoing and lace up a pair of skates and become the man who made wrestling famous next Halloween! Are you ready to roll, BROTHER?!



Another costume that is spookier on roller skates is the classic ghost! If you're like @yungmoneyj you'll grab your best phantom friend and roll out for a nighttime haunt. Step your costume up a notch by adding skates; and better yet, a pair of glow in the dark Luminous wheels! You'll appear to float on air as you glide through your favorite haunted hideaway. 



@Brittmickel and @dakoterz win Halloween with their perfect take on the movie Blades of Glory! Find the tackiest, most glitzy leotard you can find and swap ice skates for a pair of roller skates or inline skates to recreate your favorite scene from the film. This is another costume idea that scores a 10/10 by the judges at Roller Skate Nation! Check out their full routine with choreography straight from the movie on Instagram



This Pennywise look by @spaceskaterbrittany makes us feel like we can float too! Add some Red laces to your favorITe pair of skates to lead Georgie and his friends down an treacherous path next Halloween. Don't forget the red balloons!



The mighty god, Thor, is ready to strike down villains skating among Asgard! Form your Avenger ls skater crew to fight evil doers lurking in the night with a brand new pair of roller skates to boost your lightning speed like @sugargliderskateclub. *Powers May Vary Per Hero*



This DIY masterpiece from @ilianasrollerlife is a handmade horror! Her Sam from Trick 'r Treat costume was  crocheted with amazing attention to detail, from the iconic burlap sack mask to the candy-filled hand. Not only does she nail the spooky look, but she's got the roller skating skills to match.