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How to choose the right skate tool for maintaining your skates

There are many different types of skate tools on the market, so how do you know which tool will best suit your needs?  We will give you an overview of some of the most popular tools currently offered so you can find the right tool for you. 

Bones Bearing Press/Puller

This tool is handy if you need just a small tool to only removed and install bearings into your wheels and do not want a larger countertop model. This tool is only for removing and pressing bearings. The design of this tool is rather remarkable. With a push button at the top of the tool to control the ball in the stem of the tool, the ball can be pulled in for putting the tool inside the opening of the bearing, you then release the button and pull on the top of the tool to remove the bearing. Easy as can be! To install a bearing you simply reverse the process. It also has a hole in the top so that it can be put on a key chain or whatever helps you to keep track of this handy tool, this will only work on 8mm bearings.

DS Bearing press.

Also called the Snyder hand held bearing press, it is a small hand held two piece press. While only to be used for pressing bearings, not technically the removal, it can be used on both 7mm and 8mm bearings. You simply place a bearing on each side of the wheel on the stem, then use the other piece to press the bearings safely into the wheel. This press would be preferable for someone that needs an easy to transport model that is capable of 7mm and 8mm bearings.

Elephant Wrench

This is a tried and true, been around forever kind of tool. It has many great functions as well. It can be used to adjust truck locknuts, wheel locknuts, truck bolt and change non-adjustable toe stops. The wrench side for some truck bolts, then the flat other side of the wrench can be used like a screw driver for non-adjustable toe stops. The two different sockets for lock nuts on trucks and wheels.  Small compact and can do many jobs!

Relfex Tool

By far the most popular skate tool on the market currently, the reflex tool sometimes called the reflex utilitool or reflex universal tool, has so many tasks it can accomplish! It can be used to press or remove bearings with the one side that looks like a little knob protruding, super handy to have on the go! It has “sockets” are able to adjust the action nut, axle wheel nut and even the plate mounting nut. There is a screwdriver/hex nut that is set within the tool that can be removed and used for other applications as well. The final function is it can also be used to repair stripped threads on an 8mm axle. All other applications would work no matter your axle size.

Sure Grip Bearing Press / Puller

Ideal for situations where you have somewhere you can set up to do your skate maintenance the Press / puller works best when mounted to a surface using the slot in the middle. It can still be used for mobile skate maintenance, just takes up a little more space in the skate bag. It has a smooth approach for installing and removing your bearings while keeping all components safe in the process. This bearing press / puller is designed for 8mm bearings only.

These are just a few of the skate tools we carry, but can help guide you to the right tool for what you need! If you would like more information, contact our skate experts at or give us a call at 888-98-SKATE.