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Improve Your Balance With 3 Roller Skating Tips for Beginners

Posted by Jordan Y on

Call it showing off or just having fun, pushing your limits on skates and learning new roller skating tricks is a great way to enhance your balance and discover your skating potential. Check out our easy skate tricks below.

roller skating tricks

There is not a special recipe for learning how to do roller skate tricks and the old saying remains true that “Practice makes perfect”. However, the learning curve is fast and once you learn how to skate backwards you will be on your way to performing more complex tricks in no time. Before you start trying new skating tricks, be sure you have the basics down.

Skating backwards always looks fun and now it’s time to do it yourself! There are two easy ways to learn how to skate backwards and the first is the easiest. Find yourself a flat surface and then equally distribute your weight on each leg. Make sure your knees aren’t locked and that you are comfortable in a squatting position and not afraid to fall. Push your legs out to the side and bring them back in while making a figure eight shape and viola, you begin moving backwards. The second way to skate backwards is from a still position and distributing most of your weight to one leg while pushing off with the other. Push of one of your legs out and bring it back, making an S shape (half a figure 8).

Next on the list is the “Moonwalk”. Now that you can skate backwards this trick will come easy. You must have toe stoppers on your skates to perform the moonwalk since you use them to push off with. I will walk you through the motions of the moonwalk first.

Begin with one skate flat and the other upright with the toe stopper on the ground. Push off with your toe stopper and glide your other skate backwards then repeat this step. Alternate the foot that uses the toe stopper. Once you learn the motions, you can perform it at your own speed.

The “4 Wheeler” is a great trick to enhance your balance and can either be done with your rear wheels or front and rear. The objective is to roll on only 2 wheels with each skate. Start with one foot flat and the other on the back two wheels. Push off with the flat foot then lean it back on the rear wheels. To stay balanced, you must be sure to have one foot before the other at all times. Move your heels from side-to-side to gain momentum.

There you have it. A beginners guide to three basic quad skate tricks. Be patient, wear skating protective gear and most of all have fun.