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What Are The Different Mounting Types for Skate Plates?

What Are The Different Mounting Types for Skate Plates?

There are 3 different ways to mount roller skate plates; standard mount, short mount and long mount. Below we will cover each. 

  1. Standard Mount:
    • Configuration: In standard mount setups, the front axle is positioned under the ball of the foot or slightly ahead.
    • Benefits:
      • Stability: The wider base offers enhanced stability, making it suitable for beginners and general recreational skating.
      • Control: The wider stance helps skaters maintain balance and control, especially when skating at moderate speeds.
      • Versatility: Standard mount setups are versatile and can be used for various skating styles, including outdoor skating and casual indoor skating.
  2. Short Mount:
    • Configuration: In short mount setups, the front axle is positioned behind the ball of the foot.
    • Benefits:
      • Agility: This mounting style allows for quicker and more precise movements, enhancing agility on the skates.
      • Maneuverability: Skaters can execute tight turns and intricate footwork with greater ease due to the narrower stance.
      • Responsiveness: Short mount setups offer enhanced responsiveness, making them popular among experienced skaters involved in competitive roller derby, artistic skating, and speed skating.
  3. Long Mount:
    • Configuration: In long mount setups, the front axle is positioned under the big toes. This style is preferred by skaters who utilize a jam plug as opposed to toe stops. 
    • Benefits:
      • Stability at Speed: The extended wheelbase provided by long mount configurations offers increased stability, particularly at higher speeds.
      • Control and Power Transfer: The longer stance enhances control and power transfer, allowing skaters to maintain stability and generate more force during strides.
      • Endurance Skating: Long mount setups are often favored by long-distance skaters and marathon skaters who prioritize stability and efficiency over agility.

Choosing between short, standard, or long mount configurations depends on various factors, including the skater's skill level, preferred skating style, and intended use of the skates. Beginners and those seeking stability may prefer standard or long mount setups, while experienced skaters looking for agility and responsiveness may opt for short mount setups. Keep in mind, the rear axle should always stay in the middle of the heel.