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Best Roller Skate Plates

Best Roller Skate Plates


Sunlite Plates

When it comes to nylon skate plates, there is one that is a cut above the rest. Sunlite plates give you the best of both worlds; the lightweight agility you love about nylon plates plus long-lasting durability, thanks to the patented v-bracing design. They are SO durable in fact, they come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. They are also 40% lighter than conventional aluminum plates. To top it off, they are available in a variety of fun colors to bring personality to your favorite pair of skates.



Sure-Grip Powertrac Plates

Discover the pinnacle of lightweight performance with the Sure Grip PowerTrac 7000 Series Extruded Aluminum Alloy Roller Skate Plate. Crafted with precision in the USA, this plate stands as one of the lightest in the market, ensuring a seamless skating experience. Newly designed 7-degree action aluminum trucks guarantee optimal stability, keeping your skates firmly grounded and heading in the right direction.

The strategically positioned toe stop, featuring a specialized cut-out design, reduces both weight and drag for enhanced agility. When it comes to the best roller skate plates from Sure Grip, the PowerTrac series has consistently held the top spot. 


Labeda Proline Plates

Elevate your skating experience with the renowned Labeda Proline Skate Plates – widely acknowledged as one of the premier choices in the market. Crafted with precision in the USA, these plates stand as a testament to exceptional quality. Constructed from 7000 series aircraft aluminum, the plates boast a unique 5-degree angle, strategically designed to alleviate stress on trucks and kingpins.

Uncompromising in both performance and durability, Labeda Proline skate plates embody the epitome of excellence. Choose to skate on only the best, as these lightweight roller skate plates redefine the standards for precision engineering and superior craftsmanship. Step onto the rink with confidence, knowing you have the quality of Labeda Proline beneath your feet.


Powerdyne Reactor Pro Plates

PowerDyne Reactor Pro Plates are the evolution and successor to the highly acclaimed Reactor high-end plate.

This upgraded Reactor Pro series showcases a robust grade of extruded aircraft aluminum, delivering enhanced strength and durability. Notable improvements include a redesigned toe stop housing for optimal performance. Featuring 10-degree kingpins and cold-forged, black anodized solid aluminum trucks with finely threaded adjustable pivot arms as standard, this plate offers precise adjustments for maximum track responsiveness.

Finished in a striking high-polish steel blue color with laser-etched graphics, the Reactor Pro stands as the epitome of plate design, combining aesthetics and high performance. 


Sure-Grip Avanti Magnesium

Discover the exceptional responsiveness of the Sure-Grip Avanti Magnesium Plate, boasting a 10-degree angle and ultra-responsive double action. Its sleek hollow magnesium design ensures durability without unnecessary weight. Going beyond, The Avanti Magnesium Plate features the newly designed precision adjustable pivot truck that can withstand the intensity, while you enjoy the balance and durability.

The aesthetics are not overlooked, with a beautiful white finish on both the plate and trucks, providing a sleek appearance to match its performance. Opt for the magnesium Avanti for an outstanding lightweight plate that excels in superior performance.


Sure-Grip Avenger Magnesium

Featuring the popular 45-degree angle, these plates will effortlessly propel you from point A to point B with increased agility. Crafted from magnesium, the Sure-Grip Avenger Magnesium Plates weigh 25% less than the Avenger aluminum, prioritizing a lightweight design. The attention to weight reduction is evident with a hollow kingpin and center, ensuring a streamlined experience.

Experience unprecedented speed and a stylish presence on the track with the Sure-Grip Avenger Magnesium Plates.