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4 Awesome Ideas For Using Girls Roller Skates

Posted by Jordan Y on

First off, this post is written for the ladies so read on if you’re a guy that would like to discover the fun ways that girls can have fun on roller skates. Actually, men can enjoy these activities too but in the end “Girls just wanna’ have fun”.

pinup076-500x500Ladies are always looking for ways to get together more often with their friends, get more exerciseand spend more time with their kids. We all live busy lives and it’s hard to check all of these off the daily to-do list. Thankfully we have roller skating, the go-to physical fitness activity that is more than just rolling around. It’s the best of both worlds fun & fitness. Here are 4 ideas to integrate roller skating into your daily lives to boost your spirit and the summer body you’ve been longing for!

Throw A Neighborhood Roller Skate Night

Hang up some fliers, block off the streets and fire up the grills for a neighborhood block party. Gather up orange cones and create a track for the kids to roll around and keep the coolers and grills inside the track.

  • Roller skate themed block parties are a great way to catch up with neighborhood friends and entertain your kids.
  • Pass out glow sticks and bring a stereo to simulate a real roller rink, kids will love it!

Gather Up Your Friends For A Stroll Around The Lake

Spring is setting in and the weather is warming up. The hardest part is following through with a day and time to meet each week but once it becomes a routine you will always keep your schedule clear.

  • Unlike walking, it’s a bit harder to chit chat on roller skates, especially on small narrow bike lanes. So choose a route where you and your friends won’t be squeezed together and forced to skate in a parallel line.
  • Try to set the meeting time an hour and a half before sunset to give everyone time to mingle and get ready. This leaves about an hour of solid skating time. It never hurts to end the night with a beautiful sunset either!

Gather Up Your Friends With Kids And Caravan To The Roller Rink

Knock two birds out with one stone… Depending on the size of your party, you may want to set reservations with the nearest roller rink to ensure you’ll have space at the lounge, bar or restaurant. This is the perfect way to set the kids free and catch up on life.

  • Check discounts and promotions for certain events. Roller rinks love large parties and treat them nicely!
  • Bring a camera to capture some moments.

Set A “Bring Your Girls Rollers Skates To Work Day”

Maybe you have an hour long break at work each day and perhaps it’s even longer. Your job may be tiring but burning some calories and releasing endorphins helps you finish off the rest of your shift with ease. After or before you have your meal, toss on your skates and stroll around the vicinity. It might sounds crazy to full out skate on your lunch break. No one wants to come back to work with sweaty clothes and messy hair from a helmet, but it’s a great way to fit some exercise into your day. Plus, it gives you a mental and physical boost to help you finish off your day.

Drop a comment below and let us know how you use your girls roller skates? Whoa, how could we forget about the best way for girls to use their skates; Roller Derby!