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How Does Roller Skate Sizing Work?

How Does Roller Skate Sizing Work?

Roller Skate Sizing 101

Sizing leads to many common questions from skaters of all levels such as "What size skates should I get? and "How to know and determine your roller skate size?" as it’s not as straightforward as one might expect. Skate sizing not only differs from brand to brand, but from skate to skate. Most skates are made in Men’s sizing, even if they look like Ladies’ skates. For example, Moxi’s skates are always made in Men’s sizing. This is why on all our skate listings where the boot is made in Men’s sizing, the Ladies’ equivalent is in parentheses. For example, because Men’s sizing typically runs 1 size large for women, a Men’s 8 would be equivalent to a Ladies’ 9. The size listed on Roller Skate Nation would be Men’s 8 (Ladies 9) and the label on the boot would be size 8. Because we list both the Men’s and Ladies’ size for you on every skate, all you need to do is order based on your everyday shoe size.

Half Sizes

When choosing a skate make sure to check the Sizing Help tab for more details on that skate. Most skates are made in whole sizes and do not have half-size options. If your everyday shoe is a half-size, we typically recommend sizing UP as opposed to DOWN (unless recommended otherwise on the listing). For example, if your shoe size is a Ladies’ 6.5, we recommend ordering a Mens 6 (Ladies 7). The reason for this is if your skate is slightly big, you can simply add a contour insole or wear thicker socks to fill in any extra space. However, if your skate is slightly small, it will be uncomfortable, and the only solution is to return it. There are exceptions to this rule, such as with Sure-Grip boots that tend to run a little wide. Therefore, it is important to read all the product details before placing your order.

Sizing By Brand

  • Riedell

Most high-top skates from Riedell come in a black boot option and a white boot option. The black boot is always Men’s sizing, and the white boot is always Ladies’ sizing. If you wear Men’s shoes and would like to order the White boot, simply order the skates in 1 size larger than you wear. For example, if your shoe size is a Men’s 9, order white boot in a size 10. If you wear Ladies’ shoes and would like to order the black boot option, simply order the skates in 1 size smaller than you normally wear. For example, if your shoe size is a Ladies 7, order the size 6.

Riedell boots come in the following widths: Standard, D-width (Medium), and E-width (Wide). Models 220 and 297 are stocked in Medium width. E-Width is available on a special-order basis and can take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Riedell High-Top Size Chart

Riedell Low-Top Size Chart

  • Sure-Grip

All Sure-Grip skates are made in Men’s sizing. Even if a skate comes in both black and white boot options (such as the Malibu or Fame), both colors are Men’s sizing. Therefore, we list the Ladies’ sizing equivalent in parentheses.

Sure-Grip skates tend to run slightly big, so for skaters who are a half-size in shoes, we recommend they size DOWN half a size as opposed to UP.

Sure-Grip Size Chart

  • Vnla

Most VNLA skates are made in Men’s sizing, except for the Parfait roller skate which is in Ladies’ sizing. Their low-top boots, such as the VNLA Junior or Freestyle boots run true to size for men. Their high-top boots (Godfather and V-Line) run slightly large.

VNLA Jr Size Chart

VNLA Parfait Size Chart

VNLA Luna and A La Mode Size Chart

VNLA Evolution Size Chart

VNLA Blackout Size Chart 

  • Moxi

All Moxi skates are made in Men’s sizing, however there are differences between models because they are made in different materials and from different factories (domestic vs. imported). Their imported vinyl and suede boots (Beach Bunny, Jungle and Panther) run snug compared to their domestically produced suede boots (Lolly, Jack). Because of this, we offer different advice for half-sizes. If you are a half-size, size DOWN in Beach Bunny, Jungle and Panther skates, and UP in Lolly and Jack skates. In general, vinyl takes longer to break in, so if they are snug at first it is okay if they are not uncomfortably tight.

Moxi Size Chart

  • Rio Roller

Rio Roller skates are made in UK sizing. We convert each skate to US sizing and list both the Men’s size and the Ladies’ equivalent to make ordering easy. Do not be confused if you order a Rio Roller skate and the size on the boot does not match your US size. The label will be the UK size.

Rio Roller Size Chart

In short, be sure to always read over the product details! The general rule of thumb is order in your normal shoe size (unless otherwise specified), and absolutely contact us if you ever have any questions. We are more than happy to help!