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How To Measure Your Foot For Roller Skates

How To Measure Your Foot For Roller Skates

How to Measure Your Foot for Roller Skates

Step 1:

Wearing socks that are the thickness you will wear when skating, stand on top of a piece of paper with the back of your heel against a wall.

Step 2:

Draw a line at the tip of your longest toe

Step 3:

Using a ruler, measure the distance between the 2 marks. This is your insole length.

Brand Specific Skate Sizing Charts

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How to Determine the Right Roller Skate Size

Skate sizing can vary by brand or even by individual skate. When available, we recommend using the specific size chart for the particular skate you are looking to purchase to determine the right size for you. When you are looking at a skate on Roller Skate Nation, go to the "Size Help" tab to find the size chart for that particular skate. From there, compare the insole length to the length of your foot. Step-by-step instructions on how to measure your foot and know your proper roller skate size can be found below.

Rule of Thumb:

Most adult skates are made in Mens sizing, even if they look like a Ladies skate. Typically, the Mens size is 1 size larger than the Ladies equivalent (ex: a Mens 7 = a Ladies 8). This is why many roller skate websites will tell women to round 1 size down from their regular shoe size. At Roller Skate Nation, we take out all the guesswork. This is why you will see skates listed with both a Mens size as well as the Ladies equivalent in parentheses. This means there is no need to round down. For example, if you are a Ladies 6, you will simply order the Mens 5 (Ladies 6). Just note that the size you will receive is a Mens 5. If a skate is made in Ladies sizing, a Mens size will not be listed.

Kid's Sizing:

Kids skates are true to size in most all cases. However, since purchasing kids’ roller skates can be difficult with their feet always growing – it’s hard to know what size to buy! Purchasing a Kids skate 1 size larger than their normal shoe size is recommended so that it will give them room to grow and get more use out of the skate. This way you aren’t running out buying a new size every 3 months, and the child will eventually grow into them. To start, they can double up on socks or wear thicker socks to fill in any gaps. Another excellent option is to buy an adjustable skate, which typically cover a child as they grow 2-3 sizes.

When looking at sizes for skates, you may see a ‘J’ listed on the skate size which stands for Juvenile. Comparing your kids shoe size, this would be the same if you saw a ‘T’ (for Toddler) which is the same thing as ‘J’. Sizing for younger kids starts at J8, J9, J10, J11, J12, J13 and then it transitions to Big Kid sizes: Youth 1, Youth 2, Youth 3. Most skates will end kids sizing at Youth 3. Occasionally you will see a skate made in a Youth 4, however a Youth 4 is the same as a Mens 4 (Ladies 5).

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