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Quad skate wheel hubs: Nylon vs Aluminum

Quad skate wheel hubs: Nylon vs Aluminum

The Difference Between Nylon and Aluminum Wheel Hubs

The hub of the wheels is usually made of either Nylon (Polymers) or Aluminum (Alloy). Check out the pros and cons of nylon and aluminum wheel hubs below.

Why choose nylon hub wheels? The wheels tend to be light weight and less expensive than their alloy counterparts. This also makes them a lot more common.

Negatives of nylon hub wheels:

Nylon hub wheels can flex under duress, this typically is seen only with more advanced or larger skaters. This can cause less speed when they do flex. Your average recreational or average sized skater will most likely not feel the difference.

Why choose aluminum hub wheels? They do out-perform their nylon friends in power transfer and increased roll. This is because there is no flex when you skate, the same thoughts that spur the love of aluminum plates.

Negatives of aluminum hub wheels:

Aluminum hub wheels are heavier. Not by large amounts, and how much heavier varies from one wheel to another. They do also tend to be more expensive, since they are higher quality they are a great investment for experienced and heavier skaters.

Just to keep things interesting, some wheels are a mix of the two! Like the ATOM G-Rod Alloy wheels, which are a nylon hub with an alloy insert at the front of the wheel. This improves the stability of the wheels with less weight being added. That way your quad skate wheel hubs get the best of both worlds without quite as many negatives of nylon and aluminum wheel hubs.