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What are the best skates for beginners?

What are the best skates for beginners?

The Best Skates for Beginners

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “what is the best roller skate for a beginner?” Most beginners are looking for a skate that is supportive, comfortable, attractive and a great value.

To compile this list, we chose from our most popular skates and factored in quality, price and customer reviews to give you our top recommendations for beginners!

High Top Quads - Hybrid Wheels

These canvas high top skates provide a classic lightweight shoe with laced ankle support system. Loved for their stylish look and comfortable fit, they are available in seaside blue, lilac purple and black.

High Top Quads - Indoor Wheels

If you have been searching for a classic and comfortable skate at a great price, consider your mission accomplished with the Sure-Grip Fame! Available in a clean black or white, you can add whatever fun accessories you'd like! This is not a skate to overlook.

High Top Quads - Outdoor Wheels

The Parfait boot is made with microfiber uppers in 3 vibrant hues that can be mismatched! Offering soft yet structured support, the inside of the boot is fully lined with ample padding for an incredibly comfortable fit. This is one of the highest quality skates on the market for under $200.

Low Top Quads - Hybrid Wheels

This skate is designed for men and women who want to enjoy outdoor skating and have the comfortable fit of a sneaker, but with wheels. The Sonic Cruiser 2.0 has aluminum plates and trucks, making them durable enough to skate the outdoor terrain.

Low Top Quads - Outdoor Wheels

Rebel Sonic roller skate boots are made with genuine leather and fit like a glove! With just the right amount of padding, these skates will make you smile the moment you tie them up. Available in several different outdoor wheel options.

Low Top Quads - Indoor Wheels

The Pacer GTX 500 quad roller skates are the perfect roller skate for someone who needs a quality skate on a budget! The low cut profile will keep you feeling free as you skate around at the roller rink. Designed for entry level speed skaters, they offer a fun look at a bargain price.

Inline Skates

Lightweight feel, fantastic supports, precise movements, and comfort! Get the full package with the new FILA Legacy Pro 80. The boot has FILA's Air Flow ventilated technology, so your feet will feel well ventilated so you can comfortably skate for hours.