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How to Maintain Your Roller Skates

The 5 Components You Need to Take Care Of

  • 1. BOOT: One of the most important roller skate maintenance tips for the boot is to keep it dry. The roller skate boot can become wet through perspiration or skating outside in wet conditions. Regardless of how the boot becomes moist, it is important to wipe down the roller skate boot, on the inside and outside, after you finished skating. It is also important to let the boot dry naturally. Never put the roller skate boot near a heating source to speed up the drying process. Rather, loosen the laces, open the skate boot up and let it simply air dry.


  • 2. TRUCKS:  For the average roller skater, roller skate trucks should be tightly fitted to the boot. Therefore, skaters should routinely check their roller skate trucks to make sure they are tight and secure. Some roller skaters intentionally loosen their roller skate trucks to increase maneuverability. These skaters should also routinely check their roller skate trucks to make sure they haven’t loosened more than intended, and that both skates are equally loose. If you roller skate outdoors or on rough terrain you will need to check the tightness of your roller skate truck more often.


  • TOE-STOPS: Many roller skates come with adjustable toe-stops. These adjustable toe-stops should be set in the position that works best for the roller skater. You may have to experiment with a few adjustments until you determine the right toe-stop position for you. For non-adjustable toe-stops, you still need to check them periodically to make sure they are tightly secured to the boot. Toe stops should be rotated for maximum wear.


  • WHEELS: You will need to check your roller skate wheels from time to time to make sure they are spinning properly and have not become excessively worn. Just like wheels on a car, roller skate wheels should also be regularly rotated! If the wheels are not spinning freely you should check for damage, or buildup from dirt or other debris. If the roller skate wheels are damaged they should be replaced. If they are simply dirty, take the time to remove and clean the wheels as necessary.


  • BEARINGS: Roller skate bearings are an integral component of every roller skate wheel. Most roller skate bearings are enclosed and considered maintenance free. Even these maintenance free bearings should be kept dry and clean; this is particularly important for outdoor roller skaters. Bearings that are not enclosed will need to be lubricated from time to time. To lubricate the bearing simply remove it from the wheel, wipe it off with a cloth, and sprinkle it with a couple of drops of bearing lubricant.

pb-18-2-89436.1382685689.1280.1280.jpgWe don't recommend storing skates in the trunk of your car. Extreme heat or cold can affect the glues.  It is natural for your feet to sweat which can affect the inside lining. Make sure to allow them to dry thoroughly before storing them. 

In order to get the most out of your roller skates, and significantly increase the life of the skates, you must keep up with proper maintenance of your skates. With proper care and maintenance, your roller skates can last through many years of roller skating!