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Choosing the right high top skates for you

Great! You chose high top quad roller skates. 

Next step: What type of high top quads? 

Scroll down to choose, or go straight to the section you need: Kids skates, Indoor skates, Outdoor skates, Indoor/Outdoor skates.


Kids skates

FUN Roll Kid's Adjustable Skate


Fun Roll Kid's Adjustable skates adjust between sizes J7 and kids 2, available in two colors, they have a little different setup than the standard quad but help your new skater learn how to get their balance while still supporting their ankles. 

Hype Pixie Kids Roller Skates


Hype Pixie Kids roller skates are one of the newest skates we have added to our line up, but have quickly become a favorite. They offer medium support in the ankles, keeping mobility at a higher level. They come in two different colors, are available in sizes J10-kids 4, and have three sets of laces for each skate. 

Hype #uGOgrl Quad Roller SkatesHype #uGOgrl quad roller skates offer more support than most kids roller skates, and do it in such a fashionable way! Available in kids J12 - adult 7, they also ship with three sets of laces. 


Indoor skates

 Riedell Angel Indoor Roller Skates

Riedell Angel Indoor Roller Skates feature the Riedell 111 boots and RC Medallion wheels that are recommended for beginner to intermediate skaters, there are two boot color options and ten wheel color options. 

Riedell Raven Plus Indoor Roller SkatesRiedell Raven Plus indoor roller skates feature the leather Riedell 120 boots with aluminum plates and Roller Bones wheels. These are recommended for intermediate to advanced skaters. Great for rhythm or artistic skating too, with two boot colors and four wheel colors, you can make them uniquely yours. 

Riedell Epic Plus Skates


Riedell Epic Plus roller skates are recommended for advanced to elite skaters, with the Riedell 220 boots, aluminum plates and Bones Elite wheels you will feel as epic as the name implies. 


Outdoor skates

 Riedell Citizen Outdoor Roller SkatesRiedell Citizen outdoor roller skates feature the traditional look, similar to the Angel skates, but equiped with extroadinary outdoor wheels, you will love these. They are recommended for entry to intermediate outdoor skaters. 

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller SkatesSure-Grip Boardwalk outdoor roller skates are ideal for an intermediate to advanced outdoor skater, they are available in four eye catching colors and the suede feel against your foot will make you so ready for your next outdoor skating adventure. 

Riedell Celebrity Plus Skates

Riedell Celebrity Plus outdoor skates are available in two boot colors and four wheel colors, featuring the elite Riedell 120 boots and aluminum plates we recommend these skates for advanced outdoor skaters or those that seek a skate that will last for years to come. 


Indoor/Outdoor skates

 Candi Girl Sabina Indoor / Outdoor Skates

Candi Girl Sabina indoor/outdoor skates are designed with the new/novice skater in mind. They have wheels that are made for indoor or outdoor skating and offer stability with the boot style as well. Choose from three colors to get rolling. 

Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter Indoor/Outdoor Roller Skates

Sure Grip Stardust Glitter skates have the amazing color combination, for intermediate to advanced skaters. With wheels that can be used for indoor skating or outside, they bring the glitter to skating!


Moxi Lolly Indoor / Outdoor Roller Skates

Moxi Lolly roller skates have the color, but with a leather suede boot. Choose from six different colors and get rolling right away whether it be on the boardwalk or in the roller rink. 


These are our top picks in every category to make it easier for you to choose on your own. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, you can see our full list of skates by clicking HERE. Or feel free to contact one of our skate pros via email: or phone: 888-987-5283. 

Happy Skating!