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Roller Skates 101

All About Boots: Boots 101

All About Boots: Boots 101

Everything You Need to Know about Roller Skating Boots

Parts of a boot

Roller skating boots will have the following components: Insoles, midsoles, outsoles, uppers (main boot body), boot lining, padding, tongues and tongue linings. All skates have skate boots and they are the part that is most important as far as comfort, making you have the right fit and size for you will greatly impact your roller skating experience.

High Top vs Low Top skates

Which one is the best? That is totally a matter of personal preference and usually impacted by your style of skating. If you are a jam skater, you typically want a lower cut boot, but a rhythm skater usually prefers a high top skate.

High top skates do bring the nostalgic classic feel that many crave, and some styles do offer more support to the ankle by having the higher cut.

The popularity of low top skates has been apparent with quad speed skates being the most common site at the roller rink. This is what we are commonly used to in sneakers, so it makes sense to prefer that in a roller skate as well.

In the end it comes back to a matter of personal preference as far as which one is best for you, the skater.


Skate are typically made of a vinyl manmade material or leather, some will be a combination of both. The more expensive the skate the better your chances for purchasing a leather boot. If quality of material is important for you, make sure you check the product description, we list what a boot is made of in the description of the skates. There are many versions of interior lining as well, some offer plush padding others have a minimalist feel for those that crave the feeling of feeling the boot up against you skin.


Some skate boots feature a raised heel, others will have an almost completely flat sole to the boot. Most artistic or high top skates will have more of a heel than the speed skate style boots. Again this is a matter of personal preference and style of skating.