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The Hottest Skates To Buy Now

The Hottest Skates To Buy Now


The Luna boot was introduced by VNLA in late 2022, but not everyone was able to get their hands on a pair because popular sizes sold fast! Skaters have been captivated by the gorgeous oil slick hardware accents that are a striking contrast to the genuine black suede uppers.

The Luna is available in several indoor and outdoor set ups, ranging from $199.99-$359.99 depending on the plate and wheels. With so many options available, the Luna is a great option for skaters who want a high-top, structured boot with a look that turns heads, whether they are beginner or advance.

The Luna took the skating world by storm in 2023 as word got out that this boot functions just as great as it looks.



VNLA Á La Mode

The Á La Mode boot is the same structured, high-top suede boot as the LUNA, but comes in 5 creamy colors inspired by frozen confections: Pistachio (green), Creamsicle (orange), Mocha (brown), Blue Moon and Ube (purple). Skaters who want a colored suede boot but are tired of seeing the same shades will find the Á La Mode to be a refreshing treat!

The Á La Mode is available with either outdoor Jelly Roll wheels by Backspin or with indoor white Velvet wheels by Sure-Grip. Skaters can also choose between a white VNLA Gorilla nylon plate or a white Avanti Magnesium plate ($199.99-$359.99).

If you haven’t already seen the Á La Mode at your local rink or skate park, we think you will be seeing them a lot in 2024! Since dropping in September, they quickly shot up to our #1 selling skate. As the 5-star reviews roll in, we can see the A La Mode is becoming an instant classic.



VNLA Chuck Parsley

Introducing the Chuck Parsley, the newest addition to Vanilla's popular Junior skate series. Designed as a collaboration between VNLA and pro skater Steve Cantrell (Chuck Parsley), the 2023 National Jam Skating League Champion! Perfect for skaters looking to enter the jam scene, the Chuck Parsley roller skate has everything you need for weekends at the rink.

Built with Vanilla's signature high-quality components like the lightweight and durable Gorilla nylon plates, aluminum trucks, and long-lasting 93A Backspin wheels, this skate is made to last. With Vanilla's lifetime warranty against breakage on the plates and wheels, you can feel confident skating hard knowing the Chuck Parsley roller skate has your back.