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Toe Stops/Plugs FAQ

  • How do I tell what size toe stop or plug I need for my skates?
    If your skate has an adjustable toe stop then you will need 5/8' toe stop. If you have a non-adjustable toe stop then you need 5/16". Knowing what plate you have on your skates is helpful because this dictates what type of toe stop you will need to purchase, either an adjustable, or non-adjustable.  Also a non-adjustable is 5/16"about the size of a pencil. An adjustable is 5/8' about the size of your thumb. 
  • What is an adjustable toe stop?
    This is simply a toe stop that can be adjusted in and out of the front of the skate. If you want your toe stop to be out more you can adjust it out. 
  • What is the difference between a toe stop and a toe plug?
    Toe stops are made to help you stop, turn,and push off. Toe plugs are made just to plug the hole in your plate. They are not made to assist you in stopping in anyway.