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Protective Gear: What do I really need?

If you are a casual skater, or outdoor skater that is considering purchasing skating safety gear, it can be overwhelming. Not every skater likes to wear it, but there are a few exceptions to that.

1.       You cannot risk injury, ie. Hairdresser that does not want to risk a broken wrist and not being able to work as a result.
2.       Older, takes a lot longer to heal.
3.       Outdoor skating, much more likely to make gravity become your enemy.
4.       You just want to feel safe.

If you find yourself nodding yes to one or more above or you just still want to make sure you keep safe here are some tips on buying your protective equipment.

The go-to items that we recommend first are the wrist guards and knee pads. If you think back to the last time you fell for any reason, how did your body react? Most will find that they put their hands up to protect their upper half and their knees out to protect the lower half. That is why we recommend those the most.

You can also purchase elbow pads which are super useful if you find you fall backwards more than forwards, because when you do that, you will likely land on your elbows and your bottom.

The helmet, this is a very overlooked piece of protective equipment but such a good investment. Would you rather spend $40 now and not have a concussion later?

This list is not meant to scare you from roller skating, but to provide tips for making sure you are safe while you do it. Injuries can still happen no matter how much roller skate protective gear you wear, but just like a seat belt will help in the car, a good set of pads will keep you safe on the 8 wheels.