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Choosing the right skates for you

The skate pros are always here to help answer your questions. We will provide some advice on how to choose roller skates that are right for you, but feel free to contact us with any additional questions. 

Roller Skate Buying Guide

If this is your first time buying a set of skates for you or a loved one, or upgrading from an old pair, choosing the right skates can be intimidating and the sheer number of options can have you ready to call it quits and get a bike. has designed a sizing chart that shows how to size roller skates.

Step 1: Determine which type of skate you are looking for, quad or inline? 



Need help deciding? Inline skates require more ankle strength, especially with children you might find they lean the skates out or lean them in at the tops to increase stability. If you have previously used inline skates and felt comfortable on them, then staying with using that type of skate is an excellent choice. Most adults first learning to skate, or for children learning to skate, they typically find it a bit easier to learn on quad skates. Something really important when deciding is what you want to do. If you came to this page searching for help, but you have been dying for a pair of inline skates for the past year, stick with that choice, your desire to do it will help you get there. Neither are impossible. Both styles are a lot of fun, go with your gut. What do you think you would enjoy more? If you are a pro at ice skating, inlines will be a lot easier for you. If you are interested in joining roller derby or jam skating, quad skates are the way to go! At the end of the day it is what will make you happy that is important. 

Did you decide? Great! For quad skates, continue below, for help choosing your new inline skates click HERE or go straight to our full list of inline skates click HERE.


Quad Skates


Step 2: Did you want a high top boot style? Or low cut like a sneaker or a speed skate? 




Need help deciding? For advanced artistic skates you will find a lot of support in the ankles to handle jumps and spins. Your typical high top skate will have minimal support, but will add a bit of stability. Many prefer high top skates for the classic look and feel. They come in a variety of colors and styles, surely something for everyone. High top skates are especially preferred by artistic skaters and rhythm skaters.  Speed skates tend to be the more popular these days, many believe this is due to the fact they fit like a pair of sneakers, it is what more people are used to feeling normally. They are a bit cooler if you are skating outdoors and offer more maneuverability for movement in the ankle area. If you are looking to do jam skating or join a roller derby team you will find most use a speed skate cut boot for that style of skating. 

Did you decide? Great! For speed skates, continue below.

For boot style skates click HERE.


We will give you our top three recommendations in the following subsets of speed skates, or you can click from this list if you know where you need to go: Kids quad skates, Outdoor skates, Jam skates, Indoor skates or Derby skates.


Kids Quad Skates


 Zippy Adjustable Toddler and Children's Starter Skates

Zippy Adjustable starter skates are recommended for the smallest of skaters, most kids skates do not go below a J10, if your child has a shoe size smaller than that, you will want these skates. A great way to introduce them to skating and not break the bank.

Lenexa Hoopla - Kids Roller SkatesLenexa Hoopla skates are available in three color options and come with an extra set of laces. Available in J10 - kids 8, the Hoopla skates are creating quite the Hoop La. 

Black Pacer Heart Throb Speed Skates

 Pacer Heart Throb skates come in sizes 1 - Ladies 10, if you are looking for a fun and stylish skate at a great price, this is the skate for your skater. 

Outdoor Speed Skates 

Sonic Cruiser Fun Outdoor Skate

Sonic Cruiser Outdoor skates are recommended for intro-mid level outdoor skating. Comfortable sneaker feel, with the durability needed for outdoor skating. 


Riedell R3 Outdoor Roller Skates

R3 Outdoor Skates are the number one selling roller skate in the US, matched with Sure Grip outdoor wheels. Durability and a smooth roll. 

 Sure Grip Rebel Sonic Outdoor Roller Skates

Rebel Sonic Outdoor skates feature full leather boots, a ton of color options in both the boots and the wheels, durability and striking appearance. 


 Jam Skates

Vanilla Junior Royalty Roller Skates

Vanilla Junior Royalty  are preferred for intro-mid level jam skaters. View more VNLA roller skates and products

VNLA Classic LE Pro Jam Skates

Vanilla Classic LE Pro are recommended for mid, advanced and pro level jam skaters. 

VNLA Anniversary Freestyle Pro Plus Jam Skates

Vanilla Anniversary Freestyle Pro Plus are recommended for mid - pro level jam skaters. 


Indoor skates

 Cosmic Cruze Quad Speed Skates

Cosmic Cruze Quad Roller Skates are recommended for beginner/entry to mid-level experience skaters. They feature the Pacer GTX-500 skate boots with upgraded Cosmic wheels. 

GT-50 Cosmic SuperFly Speed Skates

GT-50 Cosmic SuperFly speed skates are recommended for skaters that prefer a more padded or wider fit to their skates. 

RollerDerby Primo Skates

RollerDerby Primo skates are recommended for more advanced indoor skaters. With full grain leather and a raised toe box comfort and functionality are what you will love about these skates, beyond the stylish appearance. 


Derby skates

R3 Speed Roller Skates

R3 Skates are recommended for beginner roller derby skaters, the comfort and durability with a great price tag, the perfect way to get rolling in your new roller derby career. 


VNLA Blackout Pro Derby SkatesVNLA Blackout Pro Derby skates are recommended for intermediate to elite roller derby skaters, with high quality leather, a lace flap cover and reinforced toe box the Blackout skates provide all your derby dreams need to rock the track. 

Riedell Minx Plus Skates

Riedell Minx Plus skates feature the amazing Riedell 965 boots, lightweight aluminum plates and aluminum hub wheels to give you everything your elite roller derby career needs. 

These are our top picks in every category to make it easier for you to choose on your own. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, you can see our full list of speed skates by clicking HERE. Or feel free to contact one of our skate pros via email: or phone: 888-987-5283. 

Happy Skating!