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Anatomy of a roller skate

There several main styles of roller skates, parts will vary a little with each. The main styles are high top roller skates, speed (or low cut) roller skates and inline skates. Below we have listed the different parts of a roller skate. Not all components are available on all skates, so you may have to look from one picture to another.

1. Boot, every skate has a boot. These can made of leather or man-made materials. 
2. Plate, this is mounted to the bottom of the boot and is what everything else is attached to. 
3. Wheels, there are many different sizes, styles and grip or hardness levels in wheels. 
4. Toe Stops, though not every skate has these, sometimes there are toe plugs instead. 
5. Velcro speed strap also called a power strap. Used to secure fit tighter than just laces can do.
6. Tongue, these is in all skates as well, but size and padding varies by style of skate.
7. Truck/Kingpin, this is considered a part of the plate.
8. Bearing, these come in two sizes, 7 mm and 8mm.