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Which skates are the best roller skates?


Which skates are the best roller skates?

You would be amazed how many times a day we get that question posed to us. We never turn down a question, we LOVE answering questions, but we thought we would put this out there in the internet worlds.

There is not quick answer to which skates are the best roller skates.

The best ones for Sally that contacts us on Monday are not going to be the best ones for Joe that live chats with me on Thursday.

The most expensive is not always the best skates for you, it is more about finding the skates that have the right features for you.  

Here are a few questions to help you decide, once you know which overall style of skate you want.

Do you like a lot of cushioning in your skates? Or would you prefer a minimal skate? Or one that can conform to your foot with heat molding?

Do you have certain uses for your skates in mind? i.e. indoor recreational type only, roller derby, speed skating, jam skating, rhythm skating, or outdoor skating.

Are you wanting to get a starter pair now and upgrade later?

Do you have a wider foot?

If these are skates for your kids, if you will be gifting them to a sibling or another skater later, do you want to maybe invest a little more to make sure multiple skaters can get lots of use from them?

Do you have a price range in mind?

We do not want to overwhelm you with options, just know that yes, there are expensive skates the Vanilla Brass Knuckle Blackout Proline skates are some of our most expensive, but that does not mean those are the best ones for you. We want to make sure you find the right ones for you and your skating needs, so always feel free to contact us because we want to find your best roller skate brands.

Happy skating!