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What parts do I need for my new wheels?

You just bought new wheels for your quad skates, YAY! 

Now what? If you have never bought wheels before it can be a little overwhelming to know what else needs to be purchased, or how to even put them on. Never fear, RSN is here! 

First of all, make sure you ordered eight wheels, sometimes people see the option for four, and select it because it is a lower price. This will result with only one of your skates getting fresh new wheels. There are four on each skate, for a total of eight for a complete pair. 

Next up, 99% of wheels do NOT come with bearings. Not sure about yours? Check out this image: 


If your new wheels are coming with bearings you can jump to the next paragraph. If you do not have bearings in your new ones, please read. You will need a pack of 16 bearings. All of the bearing packages we sell on our site have 16, so you are safe there. There are two bearings in each wheel. There are two sizes of bearings, if you are not sure which you will need, read THIS article. 

What other parts might you need? There are tools if you need to install your bearings into your new wheels. Such as a bearing press, or a hand held tool to install them. If your skates have been used for a bit, or you anticipate changing between wheels frequently we also recommend new lock nuts, that is the part that holds the wheel on your axle. Just like bearings come in two sizes, you would order them in the same size as your bearings. 

If you need a tool for tightening the lock nuts on, I love the Reflex tool, it can do most anything you need for your skates. 

Another thing you might want is lube for the bearings, one tube will last you a long time. If you have more than set of wheels you use you can tie the other set you are not using on a skate lace or use a handy wheel bag

That should be all the possible things you would need for your new wheels, if you need help on installing the bearings check out this video, or changing the wheels check out this video

If you have other questions, please Contact Us!