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What parts do I need for my new wheels?

First, make sure you order eight wheels if you need to replace every wheel on a pair of skates. Sometimes people see the option for four, and select it because it is a lower price. This will result with only one of your skates getting fresh new wheels.

Next, you will need 16 bearings (2 per wheel) for your wheels. Make sure to check if the wheels you are planning to purchase come with bearings or not. Most wheels are not sold with bearings, so bearings need to be purchased separately. All bearing packages sold on Roller Skate Nation come with 16 bearings. 


There are two sizes of bearings, if you are not sure which size you will need, read THIS article. 

One item that every skater needs in their skate bag is a tool. This will be necessary if your wheels do not already have pre-installed bearings. A bearing press or a hand held tool will do the trick. If you have gotten a lot of use out of your skates or you anticipate changing between wheels frequently, we also recommend new lock nuts (the parts that hold the wheels on the axle). Just like bearings, lock nuts come in two sizes. Make sure when you order new lock nuts they are the same size as your bearings. 

Some other excellent items to keep in your skate bag are cleaner and lube for the bearings. One bottle or tube will last you a long time. Quality bearings can be a large investment, so proper maintenance will ensure you get the most use out of them as possible. 

If you need help changing the wheels on your skate, check out this video.


If you need help changing the bearings on your skate with a skate tool click here.


If you need help changing the bearing on your skate without a skate tool, click here.


If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!