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What is in a mounting kit?

You decided you want to create your own custom skates, or you are ordering all your parts separately. Now you see that option to add a mounting kit. Wondering what that is?

This is it:


Many expect a diagram or print off with instructions on how to mount the skates included. There is not anything like that. It is literally just the nuts and bolts and washers.


There is not a way to do that for each different kind of skate. We are more than happy to send you the roller skate mounting kit, but we do recommend you have someone mount the skates that has done it before.


If you mount the plates to the boots a little off, it can totally change how the skates roll. If you mount them pointed a little out or a little in you will find you have trouble going in a straight line on your skates and you will always be working against your skates to get where you need to. You have to drill holes in the bottom of your boot to mount the plates. Just about every kind of skate plate has the mounting holes in different spots so they cannot be pre-drilled.

Is there a better option?

YES! We can mount your boots to your plates, simply choose that option when you select your plates for your order. Then we get them all put together by a professional in our warehouse that has been mounting skates longer than some of us have been alive. Pretty impressive, right?

Skate on skaters, skate on!