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What is a last?

You might have seen on a few different skates the term “last” and wondered what that meant. Unless you typically buy custom shoes, you may have never heard of it before.

A last, if you look it up in the dictionary is “a form which is shaped like the human foot, and over which a shoe is shaped or repaired.” This applies for both shoes and for skates, since skates are really a version of a shoe.

What this means to you, when you see the term last means what size the skate is made to. You will typically see this on more expensive all leather skates. Such as the Riedell 965 boots, we offer them in a D/B last, but there are other boot lasts you can get them in custom.

With a D/B last a size 10 in that skate will not fit like a street shoe size 10. The D/B foot last means that the ball of the foot width is a D, but the heel width is a B, giving a snugger fit in the heel. This can be important to make sure that your foot is secure in the boot of the skates. Now you know how it affects your width.

In your length there is also a difference. The D/B last they recommend you go down a ½ USA size from what you would typically wear in mens street shoes, if you are going from a ladies size, you will want to go down 1.5 to 2 full sizes.

If you are in doubt about special sizing on a skate you are interested in, make sure to click on the sizing info tab on the product, we always try to give you as much information as possible. Or contact us for help as well!