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Best Roller Skates Under $100

Best Roller Skates Under $100

Best Roller Skates Under $100

If you’re new to skating or only plan on skating few times a year, you probably aren’t looking to splurge on a pair of skates that cost over $100. Although we are particular about the products we sell, Roller Skate Nation carries many options that offer the performance and quality you need at a price point that you can feel comfortable with. 

Affordability isn’t the only awesome thing about the skates under $100. Most of them also all come with hybrid wheels, meaning the hardness of the wheels makes them suitable for outdoor or indoor skating (typically between 82A and 85A)!

Here are our top picks (and customer favorites) for skates under $100.

Best High-Top Skates Under $100:

Lenexa Shadow Indoor/Outdoor Roller Skates >

New in 2022, the Lenexa Shadow boot is made with quality faux suede uppers that look and feel like the real deal! With an aluminum plate, aluminum trucks AND an adjustable toe-stop, it's unbelievable this skate is only $99.99! We chose this skate for our "Best Under $100" list because of the high-quality components, and because it comes in a classic black color that makes it extremely versatile for accessorizing.


Best Mid-Top Skates Under $100

Lenexa 2.0 Indoor/Outdoor Roller Skates >

Why spend hundreds of dollars on custom Converse roller skates when you can buy the MVP 2.0? The Lenexa MVP 2.0 is inspired by the iconic high-top sneaker, so you can expect serious comfort and style. Available in 5 colors ranging from classic red to modern black and rose gold, you are sure to find the perfect MVP for you! We chose this skate for our "Best Under $100" list because it receives nearly PERFECT reviews from customers, and we love it too!


Best Low-Top Skates Under $100

Pacer GTX-500 Indoor Roller Skates >

The GTX-500 was our most sold low-top roller skate in 2021! It's no wonder the listing has more than 60 reviews averaging 4-5 stars. The low cut profile of the GTX-500 will keep you feeling free as you skate around at the roller rink. Designed for entry level speed skaters, the lacing and Velcro power strap offer a secure fit. This skate is exactly what you need if you are looking for a durable beginner skate in fun colors.