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6 Incredible Halloween Costumes with Roller Skates

6 Incredible Halloween Costumes with Roller Skates

Looking for Halloween costume ideas that incorporate roller skates? Here are some of our top picks to serve as inspiration! 


kateskatesx: ⚠️WARNING: Please check all surroundings for Speedy Extra Terrestrial’s skating across the Milky Way⚠️There’s an alien invasion rolling in this Halloween season! Grab all your astronaut pals to capture the Alien skaters before you get shot with their Skate Ray!


sugargliderskateclub: The mighty god, Thor, is ready to strike down villains skating among Asgard! ⚡ Form your Avengers skater crew to fight evil doers lurking in the night with a brand new pair of roller skates from Roller Skate Nation to boost your super skating powers. *Powers May Vary Per Hero*.


Spaceskaterbrittany: This Pennywise look makes us feel like we can float too! Add some Red laces to your favorITe pair of skates to lead Georgie and their friends down a treacherous path this Halloween.


ars.paulina: When life gives you lemons, make the cutest Halloween costume ever! Glide into Halloween night with this dreamy pastel look with your go-to trio! Adding a little bit of color on this spooky holiday never killed anyone…right?


lex_skates_on_eights: I think we can all agree on what a shred legend Slash is! Take inspiration from this skater’s look and find yourself an inflatable guitar, and don't forget the protective gear or you could be Knock Knock Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door from those injuries! Snag a pair of these rockin’ Moxi Ivy Jungle skates over at Roller Skate Nation to complete your killer 80’s Halloween look! 


ilianasrollerlife: The Pumpkin King is rolling in to rule Halloween once again! Jack had his trusty canine companion Zero to guide him through the dark with his glowing pumpkin nose, but you could score a set of Luminous light-up wheels from Roller Skate Nation to brighten your night instead!