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Tips for Adjustable Toe Stops with Lock Nuts

Toe Stops Replacement and parts breakdown. 

If you have a skate with adjustable toe stops, that does not have a toe stop set screw, then sometimes dealing with your roller skate toe stops may get a bit tricky. Here are some helpful tips on that particular type of toe stop.

First of all, to know which one you are dealing with, this is a skate plate with and adjustable toe stop with a toe stop set screw:


This is a skate with an adjustable toe stop that is kept in place with lock nuts instead.


This is more common on entry level skates, but some more advanced skates will have a plate with this setup as well.

Next, it is important to make sure you have both the toe stop lock nut and the toe stop washer. These combined will help keep your toe stop secure.


The next step is to put the lock nut on at the level of where you would like your toe stop to screw into. Then place your washer with the concave facing towards the skate away from lock nut (see picture).


Then take with your hand and place toe stop in skate. Once tightened by hand as much as possible, you will tighten the lock with a skate tool or wrench.When it is properly tightened you sometimes will not be able to even see the washer in there, but it is an important component. 

This style of toe stop can come loose with use, or skating. It is always a good idea to check toe stops before skating each time. It is a good idea to keep an extra set of these on hand in your skate bag. I know I personally have been skating at a social skate and lost my toe stop never to find my washer again.

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