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Skate Boots FAQ

  • Do your skates come with laces or do I have to buy them separately?
    All of our skates come with laces. You can, however, upgrade by purchasing an additional set of laces.
  • May I substitute the boots on a skate package if I am interested in upgrading or changing the boot?
    This really depends on the type of skate you are buying. Many of our skates are already assembled from the manufacturer. However, you can always order the boot you like and we can change the boot for no or little additional cost.  We can also help you with a custom skate order.
  • Should I purchase a high boot or low boot?
    It's up to you! Neither one is "better" than the other. High boot roller skates generally offer more ankle support, so if you have weak ankles that may be right for you. Low boots are more popular and allow you to move your ankle more freely and it will also not be as hot on your foot. The low top boots are generally considered speed boots.
  • What does leather lined mean?
    A leather lined skate boot has the support and dependability of authentic leather, but is easier to break in and available at a better price than a full leather boot.
  • What is the main difference between leather and vinyl boots?
    The differences between leather and vinyl boots are that leather offers a durable and comfortable material that will stretch and form to the foot with use. The process of the leather softening and forming to the foot is called "breaking in." Vinyl or synthetic materials are soft to begin with, but will break down quickly with excessive use. Most Vinyl boots are not made for competitive use, but rather recreational skating. Vinyl is not as durable or comfortable as leather, but is less expensive. Leather is one of the main costs on high end boots. 
  • What is the proper maintenance for my boots?
    One of the most important maintenance tips for the roller skate boot is to keep it dry. The roller skate boot can become wet through perspiration or skating outside in wet conditions. Regardless of how the boot becomes moist, it is important to wipe down the roller skate boot, on the inside and outside, after you finished skating. It is also important to let the boot dry naturally. Never put the roller skate boot near a heating source to speed up the drying process. Rather, loosen the laces, open the skate boot up and let it simply air dry.
  • What are toe guards used for?
    Toe Guards provide two useful functions, protecting the most commonly scuffed part of the boot and being themselves quite stylish. Attach one end to beneath the toe stop and the other lace through the bottom most ringlets and your set to roll scuff free.