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Protective Gear - Jam Skating - what do I need?

Why protective gear?

Some styles / genres of skating need more protective gear than others. Jam skating sometimes requires protective gear too! 

Here are our top recommendations for protective gear for jam skaters, based on popularity and discussion with actual jam skaters. 


Knees are so important and often take the most abuse in sports. We have two great recommendations based on level of protection you are looking for. 

187-gasket.jpgFor minor protection, we recommend the 187 Knee Gaskets (shown to left. They have no hard shell but cushion to reduce impact on your knees. This is made even better by the breathable material on the back, keep it cool while you show off your moves. 

If you need a little more protection, we recommend the Protec Street Knee Pads they have a hard shell and are ideal when doing groundwork like knee spins. 





Another important form of protection for jam skating is elbow pads, these will be most needed when doing elbow slides, forearm pikes and moves like that. The most popular for that is the Protec Street Elbow Pads. They are slim so they will not slow you down, but with the hard cap they will make it easier to do your best.


Make sure to check out our sizing guides - we have them broken down by brands for you to choose the right size in your protective equipment. Also make sure to check out our complete line of Jam Skates