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Plates FAQ

  • Which plate is better, aluminum or nylon?
    This depends on what the skater prefers. Both nylon and aluminum plates have double action roller skate trucks, Nylon is slightly lighter, and this will only have a slight difference in the weight of the skates. We do recommend aluminum roller skate plates if you are over 200 lbs.
  • What size should I pick when ordering a set of plates?
    If you ordered a new plate today, for a standard mount, order the same size as your boots. If you are a half size, we would suggest you order the next size up if you've been skating less than 2 years or still feel beginner or intermediate and a size down if you know that you are an advanced skater with better control.

    Those are the two extremes. Many very advanced skaters prefer a smaller plate so they have more agility, but it doesn't matter that there is less stability to them because they have have better control over their skates, because they are skilled.

  • What is the difference between a "double action" and "single action" plate ?
    The single action has one cushion, usually made of rubber or polyurethane, that sits on top of the truck. The double action has two cushions, one above and one below the truck. The single action has more of a snap type action to it then the double action. It was initially developed for use by roller derby skaters, as it tends to give a feeling of clinging to the skating surface and rolls well over non flat surfaces such as banked tracks and roads. Single action trucks are very sensitive to the slightest move of the skater's foot and are not usually used for artistic or dance type skating which requires more control. The lower cushion on the double action truck helps to dampen the movements a little bit and make one footed spins and trick movements more manageable.
  • What are frames on an inline skates?
    Frames hold skate components in place. Most recreational frames are made of aluminum alloy or nylon and fiberglass composites. Make sure the frames you select are designed for the type of skating you plan to do. Metal frames are stiffer, faster, and lighter, but typically cost more.
  • What are reversible king pins?
    Reversible kings pins are when you reverse the King Pins. This then permits the forward and rear wheel trucks to turn in the same direction creating a "reverse-action mode." All in all making your skates have a greater range of mobility.
  • What are jump bars used for?
    Stability. They will make your reaction and response better as they 'connect' both trucks, hence better turning and faster response. Also, don't let the name of these confuse you, there not necessarily for jumping, rather for stability.
  • How do I remove jump bars from my skates?
    Jump bars can be removed from plates however it is not recommended by manufacturers as removing the jump bar can interfere with the structural support of the plate.
  • What are the trucks on a roller skate?
    The truck of a roller skate is the piece of metal that the wheel axle passes through. You can tighten or loosen the trucks tension nut to vary the amount of control you want in your pair of skates.