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Plates FAQ

  • Which plate is better, aluminum or nylon?
    This depends on skater preference. Nylon plates are lighter than aluminum plates, and are typically less expensive than aluminum plates. Nylon plates can flex, which means less power transfer. Some styles of skating require the skater to go up on their toe stops when stopping or during quick take offs, and the flex nylon plates have is not ideal for these styles. Aluminum plates are more durable than nylon plates which makes them better for skaters over 200 pounds. They also offer more power transfer (less flex) than nylon plates. 
  • What size should I pick when ordering a set of plates?
    We find there is a lot of confusion when it comes to plate sizing. This is due to inconsistencies between brands of plates, and the fact your plate size is often not the same as your boot size. For this reason, we request your boot size when ordering a plate from Roller Skate Nation. That way, our experts can choose the right plate size for you. 
  • What is the difference between a "double action" and "single action" plate ?
    Single action plates have one cushion, usually made of rubber or polyurethane, that sits on top of the truck. Double action plates have two cushions, one above and one below the truck. Single Action trucks were initially developed for use by roller derby/speed skaters, as they tend to give a feeling of "clinging" to the skating surface, and roll well over non-flat surfaces such as banked tracks and roads. Most skates made now offer double action trucks because it gives the skater more play (maneuverability) when skating. 
  • What are frames on an inline skates?
    Frames hold skate components in place. Most recreational frames are made of aluminum alloy or nylon and fiberglass composites. Make sure the frames you select are designed for the type of skating you plan to do. Metal frames are stiffer, faster, and lighter, but typically cost more.
  • What are reversible king pins?
    Reversible kings pins are when you reverse the King Pins. This then permits the forward and rear wheel trucks to turn in the same direction creating a "reverse-action mode," which gives your skates greater range of mobility.
  • What are jump bars used for?
    Stability. They will make your reaction and response better as they 'connect' both trucks, hence better turning and faster response. Also, don't let the name of these confuse you, there not necessarily for jumping, rather for stability. 
  • What are the trucks on a roller skate?
    The truck of a roller skate is the piece of metal that the wheel axle passes through. You can tighten or loosen the trucks tension nut to vary the amount of control you want in your pair of skates.