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How To Skate Backwards

Learning how to skate backwards is every skater’s dream! It is definitely a fun move to have. You want to make sure you have a good sense of balance on skates before you start. Here are 3 steps to learning how to backwards skate:

Step 1: You want to find a nice wall to push off of. Start with pushing off of the wall with your hands slowly. When you begin rolling backwards, keep your core tight, chest angled down, and take small steps backwards to get used to the motion. Repeat this step until you feel comfortable.

Step 2: When you feel comfortable with the backwards motion, start pushing your feet left to right slowly while still keeping your core tight and chest angled down. Repeat this step until you get used to the pushing motion.

Step 3: Once you get comfortable with the pushing motion, you want to start shifting your hips left and right while pushing with your feet. This step will help you skate backwards faster.

These are the steps to learn how to backwards skate! Remember, it takes a lot of time and practice to master backwards skating. Not everyone is going to get it on their first try! Take it slow and once you feel comfortable, start trying to go faster. Remember to stay safe and use a helmet and pads if you are not 100% comfortable skating. Get out there and have fun!