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How to choose the right wrist guard for you

How to choose the right wrist guard for you!

Whether you are skating in roller derby, or just enjoy skating outdoors for fun and exercise, making sure you have the correct equipment is important. Most times when we start to feel ourselves falling the first thing we do to protect our moneymakers (your face) you put out your hands to brace yourself for impact. This can result in a sprained, scraped or broken wrist if you are not wearing the right protective equipment.

Never fear we are here to help you choose the correct roller skating wrist guards for you from your favorite people at

What to look for:

You want to make sure you but the right ones, and with so many options it can be tough. If you are skating casually for fun and rarely fall you may not need as much protection as someone that is going to fall much more frequently like a derby skater. Some of the key differences are:

How the wrist guard is secured: There are options with slide on with a simple Velcro closure, others have three Velcro straps. You have to choose which you prefer, wrist guards that slip on tend to stick a little when you sweat, if that will frustrate you when you are in a hurry, perhaps consider only the ones with Velcro closure only. If you prefer more coverage, the Hired Hands (link that fit like a glove, literally, may be a better choice for you.

Support levels: Most wrist guards for roller skating do have a splint (a hard plastic part) on both the palm side and the back of your hand. But if that feels like more protection than you need, that it would be too bulky for you. There are options like the Atom WristGuards that only have a splint on the palm. (link)

Along the same line of thought of support, some wrist guards have a wider splint in the palm. As shown here: 



The Triple 8 roller derby wrist brace is one of the first designed with roller derby in mind, since repeated falls happen, making sure you have good support is important. It has a wider splint, that goes higher in the material to make cracking and them slipping out less likely. (link )

Depending on your needs you can choose one that is as much protection as you need, without creating more bulk then needed for your use. All of our protection equipment can be found: