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Why You Should Visit The National Museum of Roller Skating

Posted by Jordan Y on

In this day and age, there may just be a museum for everything you can think of. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum to the National Museum of Computing you can rock out and fulfill your technology fix through amazing collections of memorabilia and industry breakthroughs. There is even a National Museum of Roller Skating located in Lincoln, Nebraska that is a monument to a roller derby hall of fame.

National Museum of Roller Skating

That’s right, the museum holds the worlds largest collection of historical roller skates which date back to 1819. You will also find patents, medals, trophies, photographs costumes and all sorts of roller skating memorabilia. The museum is a registered 501c non-profit organization and is the only dedicated roller skating museum in the world!

We agree that it might not be the most strategic location for such an awesome attraction, that is of course if you don’t live in Nebraska. After all, Nebraska is a huge state sitting right smack in the middle of America which makes it hard to visit for outsiders.

The Director of the museum, Jame Vannurden is excited to announce a successful 30 years in operation and he is truly committed to the preservation of the history of roller skating.

4 Reasons To Visit the National Museum Of Roller Skating

  1. It’s free: But you have to pay for the gas to get there. The museum is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday and is closed on weekends and major holidays. The museum is located at 4730 South Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68506. Lincoln Nebraska may seem far at first but the location makes it an easy to visit destination to include in your cross-country road trip. It’s on the east side and a little below the middle. This would be a great stop for every roller derby team taking a road trip to a bout. Check out the reviews on Yelp!
  2. It’s a blast from the past: The museum holds the largest, most varied and unique collection of antique roller skates in the world. Included in the collection are the James L. Plimpton “Father of modern roller skating” family collection, patent models of early skates, skates from all over the world, vaudeville costumes and various roller skating innovations and experiments. There is also an extensive archive containing photographs and files covering two centuries of roller skating history. We forgot to mention there’s a motorized pair of roller skates on display, too.
  3. Become part of the Museum: The museum has a wish list of items it wants to collect from the roller derby community. This is a great way to spread your name and make history.

As Vannurden says:

Our goal is to showcase as many derby teams as we can. Anything with a team logo is acceptable. Smaller items such as stickers and patched allow the museum to display more team logos. Please contact the museum if you are interested in donating any roller derby memorabilia.

If you are interesting in donating anything related to the sport to the museum, here is a list of their most sought after items:

  • dance costumes
  • speed costumes
  • uniforms
  • derby jerseys and/or t-shirts
  • hockey sticks

Visitors like to see what people wear while competing in roller skating competitions.

4. A lifesize sculpture of two girls carrying roller skates. The art collection is vast with the most notable piece of work being the original oil paintings from the Chicago Skate Company from the 1940s. They want to preserve and showcase any style of roller skate art so get in contact if you have additional artwork.

There you have it. A hidden gem in Lincoln, Nebraska with free admission. Have you ever been to the National Museum of Roller Skating? If so we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.