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What is the difference in Riedell skates and Sure Grip skates?

Posted by Elise Tschoepe on

The first thing I tell new customers, think of Riedell and SureGrip as Ford and Chevy, or Nike and Reebok. Those are the brand names. Just like in vehicles or shoes, you will find the diehard brand loyalists. They tell you that if you do not buy X brand you will hate your skates and they will spontaneously combust or something crazy like that. Though spontaneous combustion is quite frightening, we assure you we have not had any combusting from our skates.

Is there a better brand for you between Riedell skates and Sure Grip skates? That depends on you! For the most part, if you compare a $125 skate from Sure Grip and a $125 skate from Riedell, you will find them to be very comparable. Now if you compare a $950 skate from Riedell with a $99 skate from SureGrip, yes, there will be very big differences.

Our first suggestion is make sure you are comparing similarly priced skates. Then take a look if one has a different fit, like a Sure-Grip GT50 that tends to run wider versus a Riedell R3 with a standard medium width. If you have a different width foot that would be a way to narrow it down.

If they both would fit you comfortably and have similar components, then which one appeals to you more? Which one would make you smile to have on your feet? That is important too!

We are always happy to help with narrowing down your choices and finding the right skate for you! So no matter which brand you choose, Vanilla, Riedell, Sure-Grip, Roller Derby…OK we will stop there but you get the idea! We can help you choose from any of our amazing skate brands and find the skate that is just right for you! Just CONTACT US!