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Keep On Trucking While You Skate

Posted by Adam Lean on

The Basics Of Roller Skate Trucks

Potentially the most complicated part of your roller skates is where it all comes together: the truck. The wheels attach to the truck, and the truck attaches to the plate. Any problem with the truck is a serious problem, so they not only need to be maintained well, but also should be visually inspected before every skate session. Any sign of unusual wear or damage should be immediately inspected by a professional, and you should not skate on it until a professional has cleared the skates as safe. This is of course true for all roller skate components, but it is especially true for roller skate trucks.


It is essentially a bolt that holds the wheels in place, allowing slight turns as you lean left or right while skating. If you think of roller skate trucks in car terms, they would be the suspension onto which your car wheels attach. Just like with a car, firm suspension is best for racing, while soft suspension is best for luxury and comfort.

Like plates they can be made of a nylon and fiberglass composite, or of lighter and more durable aluminum. As concerns the overall skate, the truck is the element that offers the widest range of options as concerns shocks, twists, and overall absorption. Even experienced skaters are encouraged to discuss the various differences in performance with an expert before purchasing, as subtle changes can make a big difference both in terms of feel and performance.

Most importantly, consider the quality of your materials and the overall function of this part before looking into fashion considerations. While it is ok to be more fashionable on other parts of your skates, this is one part you really want to make sure is of the highest quality. It controls the main parts of your ride, and has a larger impact on the overall feel of skating than any single other part.

If you need advice on what to try out, and more importantly what to look for when trying out different trucks, just ask one of our experts. We can help you choose a set of trucks that is best suited to your particular style of skating, and make sure you know what the different adjustments will do in terms of changing the feel of your skate.

As always, keep on trucking, and don’t forget to keep sending us your article ideas!