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Roller Skate Inspiration: A Do It Yourself Guide For Creating Your Own Roller Skates

Posted by Jordan Youtz on

There is a new DIY fad spreading across the world and you can be part of it. Maybe were exaggerating a bit but who wouldn’t want to turn a stylish pair of kicks into a set of roller skates? Although we wouldn’t recommend a pair of Chuck Taylor’s or high heels for this project, the main idea is to reflect your personality and make a fashion statement. It’s also a good way to recycle your old skates and to get some more use out of them. Before we teach you how to make your own roller skates and transform your shoes, we recommend to carry out this procedure under adult supervision with the proper tools. This will prevent you from wasting your shoes and also keep things safe.


For high quality and long lasting roller skate shoes, you can gather up all of the required accessories on We are here to help so don’t hesitate to ask us your questions about each part and the process. Also, feel free to take apart your old skates that you no longer use. It can help save some money and get some use out of the spare parts.

Speaking of parts, here is a list of what you will need to make your own roller skates:

  • 8 wheels
  • 8 bolts
  • 8 nuts
  • power drill
  • 16 wheel bearings
  • A pair of shoes
  • A marker
  • 8 Washers/Snyder cups
  • A toe stopper brake

Step 1: You’ve chosen the shoe you want to use and your ready to start creating. First remove the sole from the inside of each shoe. Keep these close as you will be replacing them to cover up the bolts after you screw on the plates for a much comfortable skate. Remove the laces from the shoe.

*If you chose to recycle your old skate remove the plates from the bottom of the skate and the wheels from the trucks.

Step 2: Now align the plate in the center of the bottom of your shoe (future roller skate). It does not matter which plate you use. There is not a left or right plate. Once it’s aligned on the bottom of your shoe use a marker to mark the spot. Poke through the hole in the plate and make 4 holes for each screw and do this on each shoe

Step 3: Grab your power drill and bit and drill holes in the marked spots. Make sure the hole is flush and that the bolts can fit through. To prevent the bolt from going through the shoe when you screw on the plates, place a Snyder cup washer between the bolt and shoe.

Step 4: Place the Snyder cup inside the shoe on top of the hole and then push the bolt through each hole. The bolts will be sticking out of the bottom of your shoes and now it’s time to slide the plate on to the bottom of the shoe.

Step 5: Guide the plates on the shoes and then screw on the nuts to each bolt. Notice that the bolts are long. This will take some brute strength but use a wrench to snap of the extra bolt. When screwing on the nuts, be sure that the bolt does not break through the bottom of the shoe. Place your hands inside the shoe when screwing down the nuts.

Step 6: Fasten your kingpin into place or skip this step if your kingpin came assembled.

Step 7: Screw on the wheels and lace up your new “Skoes”

Refer to this FAQ list for further information:
1. What are the best types of shoes to transform into roller skates?

– Use shoes that have support, especially around the ankle. For maximum comfort, you should use a hightop shoe or even a boot that has a thick rubber sole.

2. Can I turn shoes into inline skates?

– This is a much more difficult procedure and is not recommended because of the way your weight is distributed on inline skates.

3. What if the bolts rip through the heel of my shoe?

-This is one of the most common problem that comes with roller skate shoes and this is what the Snyder bolt/washer prevents from happening. If you don’t have washers, just drill a hole through a quarter!