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Interview with the Mid-Michigan Derby Girls

Posted by Adam Lean on

The Mid-Michigan Derby Girls are a locally founded team in the small town of Mount Morris Michigan. Girls come from all over region to come and skate, three times a week for practice. I was able to get the opportunity to sit down with these girls and talk with them and see the inside perspective of roller derby.


What does it take to become a derby girl?
“Determination and heart, without those you will never make it” -Valetta Vendetta

“Willingness to work hard” –Poison Ivory

“Commitment and determination” –Justice Fast

What does roller derby mean to you?
“It is Sisterhood, Family, a learning experience, a journey, a happy place, and many amazing memories that will share one day with my grandchildren.” –Kay OTIC

“It is an adventure, defiantly a burst out of my comfort zone” –Patrash Ya
“A family I never had, they are people that come together and support you no matter what” –Risky Chicky

What has roller derby done for you as a person?
“What hasn’t it done, it has changed the way I look at women and myself, and it has really opened my heart” –Valetta Vendetta

“It has has changed my whole entire outlook it has opened my heart mind and soul to so many amazing people I would have never had an experience to even meet if not for ROLLER DERBY!!” -Kay OTIC

“It has made me more accepting of people background and showed me there was more to life than my little village” –Risky Chicky
How do you manage roller derby and your personal life?

“I schedule my store hours around practice, on Saturdays I close the store early for bouts. I stopped managing restaurants for roller derby.” –Flam Babe
“I make it work, and thank my husband and my mother-in-law for watching the kids because attendance is everything.” –Justice Fast

Why did you start roller derby?
“I did it to get active, and I really needed a hobby” –Patrash Ya

“I have skated all my life and it sounded like fun.” -KayOTIC

“My friends and I were looking for something to do and I came across the MMDG Facebook page and I thought it would be really fun to learn how to play, and three out of the four of us stayed on the team.” –Anita Whoopsumazz

“The secretary at my boy’s school asked me if I would like to try it out.” -Justice Fast

“I was looking for something to do and a friend of mine invited me to come try it out.” –Valetta Vendetta

How long have you been playing?
“July 2011” –Risky Chicky

“February 2012” –Patrash Ya

“2 ½ years” -Justice Fast

“I started with the league four years ago” –Valetta Vendeta

“I have been playing derby since 2008.” -Betty KrackHer

“5 years” – Kay OTIC

How many times did it take you to pass the WFTDA testing, and what was the hardest part?
“One time, and the laps were the hardest part” –Poison Ivory

“It only took one time, and the 25 laps in 5 minutes was the hardest” –Risky Chicky

“Once, the plow stop was the hardest for me.” –Justice Fast

“It took one time to pass the test but I had to do the 25 in 5 twice” –Tequila SlamHer

What is your favorite part of bouts?
“Hitting the other teams jammers out, and being able to hit other people other than your teammates” –Flam Babe

“Bouts bring the team together as one, and you get so nervous before the bout starts but once you take that first hit it is all over from there.” –Poison Ivory

How much traveling is involved?
“In order to have teams to come and visit you at your home rink you must also visit them at theirs we have about 6 away games per season.” –Kay OTIC

“In 2010 we went to Canada and got our butts kicked, but it was an experience I will never forget.” –Valetta Vendetta

Why Mid-Michigan Derby Girls over the other roller derby teams?
“Nowhere I would rather be!!”- Kay OTIC

“Lucky to have found this team first it is the only team I have ever skated for.” –Poison Ivory

“It was the first flyer I saw” –Risky Chicky

“They seemed to have their stuff together, and the girls are loyal.” –Flam Babe

How far away do you live?
“We live about 35 miles away, so it takes us about 45 minutes to get here” –Risky Chicky and Justice Fast

Why did you start MMDG?
Because roller derby is awesome! We grew up at Skateland and this is Family for us it just made sense. We have two amazing rinks that we skate in we are very lucky to have such amazing support.-Kay OTIC and Betty KrackHER

Who can join the team?
Anyone can join our team as long as you have a positive attitude and are looking for an amazing experience you must also be open minded and have a willingness to push yourself. –Kay OTIC

How do you recruit new players?
“Boot camps, word of mouth, parades, and flyers” –Betty KrackHer

How do you gain your fan base?
“Pretty much the same way we recruit new players, we have friends and family, meet and greets, things like that.” –Betty KrackHer