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How To Choose the Best Roller Derby Name for You

Posted by Adam Lean on

Choosing a roller derby name has to be one of the best parts about roller derby but it can also be very stressful and frustrating. Not to make it seem intimidating but this is the name you will be known by your entire derby career. Finding two or more catchy words that fit your personality on and off the floor is a little harder than you may think. It takes some girls months before they find the perfect fit and others it takes only minutes. Don’t get discouraged you will find your name, if all else fails ask your team or your family and friends to help come up with ideas.

There are some rules you will need to follow when finding your name or it will be rejected by the master roster. The first and toughest rule you will have to follow is it must be original; nobody else in the world can have your name. If that isn’t hard enough your number also has to be unique. You can’t have names that are too generic, names that end in verbs, or “First” names where first/last name combos already exist. Keeping roller derby names different is a big issue for rejection so be prepared to have a backup and don’t get too attached to your name until it is approved.

Now that you have the rules here are some things you should think about before you choose. What type of crowd does your team play for, a family friendly crowd, or adults only crowd. You don’t want your name to be too risqué because you could offend people in the crowd, and the fans are what keep the team going. Also you need to think about how long your name is if it is too long then it is going to be a pain getting it on your jersey, stickers, or your helmet. Keep your spelling obvious. It is ok to use shorter words but make sure the announcer and other members can pronounce it easily, otherwise you are going to be stuck with everyone mispronouncing your name.

Pick your best qualities you want to show off or even some you wish you had. Think of the position you will be playing. Blockers tend to have tougher feel, while jammers will have a stealthier feel. If you will be playing both then find a name that is a combination of stealth and toughness.