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Halloween Costume Ideas with Roller Skates!

Posted by Ellie Ewing on

It is that time of year again, we are just a day away from Halloween month aka October! (if you like Halloween a whole bunch you live in anticipation of this month I swear)

Now to come up with a super awesome Halloween costume! But wait, why not make it even better? You love skating, right? You are on a skate blog, so I am guessing yes. How about a Halloween Costume idea with roller skates?!

First, think how fast you can trick or treat if you have wheels!!

We are going to give you some suggestions to get the ideas a rollin’ (pun intended).

First off there is a 70’s roller disc inspired look. Here is an idea ala That 70’s Show.

I mean who doesn’t want to look like Fez and Jackie, they pretty much rocked it…or their skating doubles did, you be the judge.

How about an old school roller derby skater, high-waisted shorts and high-top skates are a must! (lack of protective gear optional eeek)

Staying with the classic vibe, how about a skating carhop for your Halloween costume inspiration?

A plastic tray, some super cute 50’s clothes and a set of high top roller skates from us, and you will be ready!

Are you craving something more recent for skating Halloween costume inspiration?

For you guys, a men’s roller derby referee:

We even have the shirt! Click here. Grab some protective gear and a set of skates, you are just about there, add a whistle of course.

With the modern roller derby girl you can go for the scantily clad and not really accurate:

Dude, that would hurt so much on a derby track!

Or something a little more correct.

Either way, we have all you could need to get the perfect look.

Now don’t forget the modern Sonic Carhop!

The shoot the duck is optional We even offer those exact Sonic skates here.

No matter which look you go for, have fun this Halloween and show everyone how much you love roller skating, by incorporating skates into your costume. Make sure to send us pictures afterwards too, we will make you internet famous!