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Don’t Try This At Home: The 5 Most Courageous Roller Skating World Records

Posted by Jordan Y on

Pushing the limits and achieving your goals are two of the most sought after attributes of every athlete. They help us move beyond our comfort zone and to discover our true potential. However, it’s all fun and games until you want to set a world record. Then it becomes pure, jaw dropping entertainment.

Roller Skate Nation researched the craziest stunts and roller skating world records and we’ve narrowed our results down to the 5 most daring, creative and athletic. We had to filter our search because there is sure a lot of nonsense out there. We hope you enjoy.

As stated in the title, remember to not try any of the following activities at home. We always encouraged to skate within your limits and to progress at your own rate. Practice makes perfect.

Click on the link below each description to watch and read more about the world record.

1. What do you get when you cross a dare devil with a roller coaster? The possible answers are endless but when you include a pair of roller skates, you can only imagine the outcome. As brought to us by Discovery Channel, here is German dare devil Dirk Auer as he creates a 16 wheeled pair of skates to literally roller skate a roller coaster.

2. WOW! Meanwhile in France, roller skater Taig Khris drops 32 feet from the Eifel Tower onto a 100 foot ramp. The crowd goes wild.

3. In Miami, Florida the world record was set for the most people ever jumped on roller skates. The previous record of ten people was beat when this man jumped 11 people. To do the math, the average width of the human body from shoulder to shoulder is approx. 17 inches.
17 x 11 = 187
Divide that by 12 and you have about 15.5 feet. If I were a contestant for this record I would prefer to be in the front!

4. Russel Moncrief from the USA holds the record for the fastest crossing of the country on skates. It took him and his friend 69 days 8 hr 45 min from January 5th to March 15th 2002. The journey began at Crescent Beach Florida and ended at Soltana Beach, near San Diego, California. Averaging about 38 miles per day, he covered roughly 2,595 miles with his supportive friend Casey Brooks whom drove a camper by his side throughout the trip which was their home.


5. Limbo is always a mega hit to play at the skating rink and this world record takes the game to new heights. Or should I saw a new low…RohanAjit Kokane holds the world-record for the longestlimbo-skating under a row of 20 vehicles of 126 Feet and 11 inches.

Please cast your vote in the comments below for your favorite world record listed above and feel free to tell us any that you believe we missed out on.

Q: What do you call 1,188 skaters who skated 12 miles on the streets of Paris?

A: A Mass- Ska-Rade

Updates from a reply to blog post:

You have Russell Moncrief listed as fastest cross country on skates. Actually, that is not even close to the amazing cross country trip by Jackie Jacobs in 1979. She skated 2,706 miles in 37 days from San Diego to Savannah, Georgia according to Guinness. See

You might also want to include on your record page: The longest distance ever covered on roller skates were 8596 km by Peter Bögelein (Germany) from 1 June-16 September 1986. Starting and finishing in Würzburg (Germany), his tour crossed eight European countries.

In the Summer of 2013, Peter Bögelein met Ted Coombs in Bochum, Germany at the Starlight Express theater with world renowned skate coach Michael Fraley. Ted Coombs was the 1979 World Record Holder for skating 5,193 miles from Los Angeles, to New York and back to Yates Center Kansas.

~Ted Coombs