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Improve Your Balance With 3 Roller Skating Tips for Beginners

Call it showing off or just having fun, pushing your limits on skates and learning new roller skating tricks is a great way to enhance your balance and discover your skating potential. Check out our easy skate tricks below.There is not a special recipe for learning how to do roller skate tricks and the old saying [...]

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Keep On Trucking While You Skate

The Basics Of Roller Skate TrucksPotentially the most complicated part of your roller skates is where it all comes together: the truck. The wheels attach to the truck, and the truck attaches to the plate. Any problem with the truck is a serious problem, so they not only need to be maintained well, but also [...]

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Bearings – What They Are and What They Aren’t

There is a great misconception amongst people that wheel bearings in skates have an impact on how fast you can go. This is simply not true. How fast you skate is entirely dependent on your ability as a skater. Good bearings provide a smooth ride, resulting in more roll. This can make it easier or [...]

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Understanding What Makes a Wheel

The Basics Of Roller Skate WheelsDurometer (hardness): How hard your wheels are is kind of like comparing hard shoes to soft shoes. One is simply softer, and therefore has more give, as well as slightly more grip. For example, you would not want to go hiking in dress shoes or high heels, as they are [...]

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Roller Skate Exercises To Keep In Shape

Being a skater requires strength, stability, and endurance that you can build on and off the track. If you are like me you only get to the rink a few times a week, so what should you do the rest of the week to help build those key things? You can take your skating outside [...]

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Health Benefits of Roller Skating for Your Lower Body

Stomp, stomp stomp go the joggers feet pounding against the ground. Compared to the swift motion and glide of roller skating, running is not the best form of exercise or rehab for bringing your lower body back to full strength.What does roller skating do for your body? Not only is roller skating one of the most [...]

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Interview with the Mid-Michigan Derby Girls

The Mid-Michigan Derby Girls are a locally founded team in the small town of Mount Morris Michigan. Girls come from all over region to come and skate, three times a week for practice. I was able to get the opportunity to sit down with these girls and talk with them and see the inside perspective [...]

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How To Choose the Best Roller Derby Name for You

Choosing a roller derby name has to be one of the best parts about roller derby but it can also be very stressful and frustrating. Not to make it seem intimidating but this is the name you will be known by your entire derby career. Finding two or more catchy words that fit your personality on [...]

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