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A Tribute To Our Most Liked Roller Skating Posts On Facebook!

There’s something nostalgic about roller skating for most people. The sport brings back past times and good memories of when life just seemed a bit more simple. Maybe it was maybe it wasn’t but we do know one thing; roller skating is just as cool as it ever was!We mixed it up a bit for [...]

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4 Awesome Ideas For Using Girls Roller Skates

First off, this post is written for the ladies so read on if you’re a guy that would like to discover the fun ways that girls can have fun on roller skates. Actually, men can enjoy these activities too but in the end “Girls just wanna’ have fun”.Ladies are always looking for ways to get [...]

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Lights, Camera Ska-ction: Roller Skates In Pop Culture

Since the first recorded use of roller skates in 1743 roller skating has meandered through many obstacles to remain the top casual fitness activity. Ironically, the great depression played an influential role in motivating people to think “Outside the box” for new forms of entertainment.In fact roller derby got it’s start in a popular pastime [...]

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Improve Your Fitness With Roller Skates

4 Ways Roller Skating Leads To Great Health First off, if you’re not breaking a sweat then you’re not working hard enough. Secondly, you need to treat your roller skates like a gateway to entertainment; strapping them on should put a smile on your face as if you’re sitting down to watch your favorite tv show. Spoken [...]

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5 Hilarious Videos With Roller Skates

It’s time to take a quick break on your roller skates and sit down for a laugh or two with the Skate Talk blog. Were definitely serious about roller skating and are happy to help you with everything to do with roller skates but sometimes in life you just need to kick back and relax.So [...]

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Top 5 Moves to Perform on Your Jam Skates

Jam skating has made a comeback in the world of roller skating and is a hybrid between gymnastics and dance skating. If you frequently visit your roller rink we're sure you have seen the skaters showing off their awesome roller skating moves to the grooves and they make it look so easy. However, they didn’t start [...]

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How to Maintain Your Roller Skates

Roller skates are just like everything you hold close to your heart; they must be taken care of the right way and on a frequent basis. Proper maintenance and care of your roller skates will keep them rolling longer and increase the life of your skates.Taking care of your roller skates is just like your [...]

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The Evolution of Roller Skates Infographic

A Visual Story of The Development of Roller Skates

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Why You Should Visit The National Museum of Roller Skating

In this day and age, there may just be a museum for everything you can think of. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum to the National Museum of Computing you can rock out and fulfill your technology fix through amazing collections of memorabilia and industry breakthroughs. There is even a National Museum of [...]

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Don’t Try This At Home: The 5 Most Courageous Roller Skating World Records

Pushing the limits and achieving your goals are two of the most sought after attributes of every athlete. They help us move beyond our comfort zone and to discover our true potential. However, it’s all fun and games until you want to set a world record. Then it becomes pure, jaw dropping entertainment.Roller Skate Nation [...]

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